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Rare Prize - 100% Rare Prize boxes (the metal starred boxes)
Drop Get - 100% enemy drops (ie on all 4 difficulties, you will get a Mickey Mark for every enemy completed)
System Area - clear all System areas
Slot Set - fill in every slot in the System Matrix
Cheat - gain access to all 5 Cheats in the System Matrix
Collector - obtain at least 70% of all Abilities, Chips, Cheats, Weapons and Items
Avatar Get - get 50% of all Avatar parts
Avatar Area - no idea
Ice Titan - defeat the Ice Titan at Olympus Colosseum
Eliminator - defeat the Eliminator in any System Area
Twilight - defeat at Castle Oblivion (final boss, can't miss it)
Victory - get 100% of enemy data (just defeat every enemy in game)
Weapon - fully max out every weapon
Comand Lv.100 - upgrade any Command to lv.100
CR Lv.100 - upgrade any Command that has been Overspecced to CR status to lv.100
Command Master - Overspec every Command to CR status
Clear - clear the game
Quest - clear all Quests in the game
Proud - clear every world on Proud difficulty
Critical - clear every world on Critical difficulty (unlocks Proud as well if you skip that difficulty)
Brave - clear one world at with Sora at 0% HP
Technical - clear every world with Sora at below Lv.15
W1 Sprinter - clear World 1 under 5 minutes
W2 Sprinter - clear World 2 under 15 minutes
W3 Sprinter - clear World 3 under 15 minutes
W4 Sprinter - clear World 4 under 10 minutes
W5 Sprinter - clear World 5 under 15 minutes
W6 Sprinter - clear World 6 under 15 minutes
W7 Sprinter - clear World 7 under 30 minutes
W8 Sprinter - clear World 8 under 10 minutes

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